“Bulky Pockets,” A Problem That Needs A Solution

Grabbing your cash and cards, building them in your back pocket, and rushing to your office. This is a scenario and the bulky pockets that we all can relate to. 

Bulky pockets result from the seemingly innocuous activity causing so much more trouble than you can think. This guide is for you if you haven't thought about the serious problems it can cost besides discomfort. We will briefly discuss all the issues that come with this issue, and you can put this problem to an end once and for all.

"A Serious Security Concern"

Bulky pockets can put your security and safety at stake. Yes, no doubt the pockets are the most common and convenient place to carry your cash and cards and sometimes even car keys. 

But you are not the only one who seeks convenience from it. Your pockets are always on the radar for thieves and pickpockets too. Open pockets allow these criminals to scoop away your valuables in the blink of an eye. Your bulky pockets are the first invite sign for these criminals. Sometimes criminals just don't stop at stealing things. They go beyond it, causing you serious trouble. 

"Ruin Your Entire Style"

After discussing something serious, let's talk about fairly low-level issues. Cramping a building, bifold or trifold wallet into your back pocket will likely stress your entire look. Not only does it affect the stitching, but it also has extraordinary chances of creating a wardrobe malfunction, which you won't like at any cost. You can lose your wallet while having some ribs and wear and tear on your clothing. If you don't want to look like a slob, you should ensure that you don't put a big wallet in your pockets, especially in formal engagements. 

"Discomfort Is the Ultimate Friend Of Bulky Pockets"

Heavy pockets cause many issues, but one thing that everyone particularly faces is discomfort. If you find yourself constantly adjusting clothes to avoid exposing your underwear or the waistband of your pants, this is the discomfort and inconvenience we are discussing.

The best solution to solve the issues is a slim wallet or a cardholder. Both are the perfect option for formal to casual occasions. If you are going formal this week, you can try our MCH card holder, an organized solution to bulky pocket problems. With 4 card slots and 1 pocket, this slim minimalist card holder can perfectly house your cards and cash for the day. We know style is important, so we made our cardholder a fashion accessory so that you can easily style them away!

"Can Initiate Health Problems" 

Suppose you thought this problem was limited to styles, fashion and discomfort, no! The issue is much more serious than anyone could contemplate. It can affect your physical and mental health. 

If you continue to sit with your wallet in your back pocket, it can cause your pelvis to grow to the side of the body, exactly where you keep your wallet. To balance the situation, your lower back may also come into play and curve itself to match the situation. 

The situation will further result in causing your muscles on the opposite side to shorten and become less effective. These changes in your body will greatly decrease the efficiency of your muscles and trigger sacroiliac joints. Many of us don't know about it, but with time it becomes chronic that you might need to seek a doctor's help. 

"They Are Simply Not Attractive"

There is a lot of psychology tied to your wallet. Your partner and other people can easily tell if you are an organized, well-endowed, or detail-oriented person. Your wallet's style, condition, color, and even contents, shed light on your personality and general approach to life. 

A big large protruding wallet from your pocket doesn't look good at all. Rather it looks awkward and uneasy, leaving the impression of an unorganized person. If you are trying to impress someone, especially your date, it is a horrible idea to go with a big wallet. Not only ladies, it isn't something that men would also like. 

So, Do We Have A Solution That Can Save Your Style, Comfort, And Health? 

Yes, we do. Tun Generation presents you with stylish, durable, compact wallets and card holders. Our wallets and card holders can help you stay organized and up your fashion quotation. 

Our mens card holder wallet can be your perfect companion for every style and occasion, formal or casual. Nourishing them with good architecture and enduring material, our wallets and card holders will give you no stress but make your styling easy. 

Men don't have too many options for styling. They need to utilize what they already have. So, pick only the best wallet or cardholder for you.

Our products are a great everyday accessory and a perfect gift. We would love to greet you at our store and help you choose the best one according to your personality. 

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